Bidet Attachment for Toilet

Bidet Attachment for Toilet

Model No.B019

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

  • High-Quality Bidet Attachment for Toilet: The bidet attachment is made of environmentally friendly ABS material, a stainless steel T-valve, and a braided steel cold water hose. High-quality metal water inlet is more durable, and not easy to wear and tear, and water leakage.
  • Dual Nozzles Bidets for Existing Toilets: The non-electric bidet has dual nozzles with two spray modes: rear cleansing for men and women, and front cleansing for women's private parts. The button design is more convenient to use. Existing toilet bidets are more hygienic, gentler, and more environmentally friendly than toilet paper, and using them makes sustainable sense for the planet.
  • Hygiene Protection: The retractable nozzle automatically retracts behind the protective door after use. Self-cleaning function, cleaning the nozzle thoroughly, maximum protection, and easy maintenance, give you a double hygiene guarantee. The ergonomically designed bidet is only 0.2 inches thick, highly compatible with bidet toilet seat, and fits most toilets.
  • Adjustable Water Pressure: The water pressure can be adjusted with the easy-to-use control knob for ideal water flow, no need to adjust the water pressure every time you use it. Even the elderly and children can use it easily. The toilet bidet attachment allows users to have a comfortable and easy-to-use experience and enjoy an environmentally friendly and healthy life.
  • Easy and Quick Installation: Compatible with most toilets. Simply unscrew the toilet seat, then install the bidet attachment, and finally attach the toilet seat and tighten, easily fits into a standard two-piece toilet in minutes, and you're ready to go. Simple and detailed installation instructions for the bidet attachment are provided for you.