The toilet stool is designed with the idea that it lifts one's legs, providing more of the "squatting" position that humans used to go to the toilet before we invented the toilet. Normally there is an angle between the anal canal and the rectum, and when we want to defecate the muscles around the rectum relax which straightens the angle between the anus and the rectum allowing us to defecate. Squatting devices are a simple measure that can facilitate this to happen more effectively.

NETE's toilet stool body is made of 100% PP integrated injection molding, N.W is 1.2 kg, and the weight capacity is 200 kg, it's sturdy and durable. The stool foot is detachable, which reduces the package size and saves transportation costs. The stool edge is curved that perfectly to avoid possible sharp angle injury while anti-slip, the entire stool surface without any extra texture, easy to clean. Streamlined appearance and humanized handle design, detailed interpretation of high-end taste everywhere.