Company Profile

Company Profile
Nete Business Concept
Inspire people with clear goals, unite people with noble cause, motivate people with scientific system, cultivate people with good environment, and cultivating excellent talents with enthusiasm, creativity and team spirit.

Integrity based
Hold integrity for mutual benefit, co-prosperity, Self-discipline and social commitment.

Innovation for surviving
Innovation is the core of development. Without innovation, development is impossible.

Keep improving –
Persevering in excellent quality, and never slack up.

Seek truth from facts
Do from the actual situation, treat and deal with the problem correctly.


Company Culture

Sineo organized Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other activities every year to enrich employees’ cultural life, different forms of team building activities to improve team cohesion.


Market Share

Our major market is 45% in Europe, 40% in North America, 9% in Australia and Middle East.

OEM or ODM or IDM service optional.


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