Toilet Stool WIith Non-Slip Simple Design

Toilet Stool WIith Non-Slip Simple Design

Model No.S007

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

Healthy & Relax Toliet Time
This Squatting Toilet Stool helps you imitate the natural defecation posture,which allows the colon to open up for an easier and quicker thorough release of the bowels.This squat Toilet Stool is beneficial for reducing constipation, hemorrhoids and bloating,adding to the chances of a healthy life and longevity.
Practical And Universal
The most family members(including the elderly, adults, pregnant women, People with constipation, etc.) can be assured to use.Not just a excretory tool,it also can be used as step stools for kids and toddlers.With the curve U design,allows it to store best under any toilet. Unlike sharp angle stool,the rounded edges and corners able to avoid bumps and injuries for kids and toddlers.
7"Height Perfect for Everyone
The poop stool is 7" H x 8.8" W x17" L,which not only perfectly fits the height of any toilet,but also makes your feet comfortable whether it is adults or children.
Durable & Stable
Our premium toilet stool made of high quality recyclable materials has a strong load-bearing capacity,more durable and stable,able to bear the weight of 550bl.With anti slip design on stool surface and Non-slip foot pads,it can prevent you from sliding and rollover.
Reliability Guarantee And Easy To Clean
Compared with wood or bamboo stools, this potty stool can be easily clean with damp cloth or rinsed with water.