Bidet Attachment with Ultra Slim for Toilet

Bidet Attachment with Ultra Slim for Toilet

Model No.B021

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

Are you often troubled by physical discomfort in your sleep? Sitting for long periods of time makes the body tired and muscles stiff, which is really painful. Don't worry, there's a whole new solution - detachable bidet!

This detachable bidets is a newly designed body cleaner that allows you to easily enjoy a comfortable body cleaner experience. It uses an ultra-thin design, does not require power support, and gets rid of the cumbersome operation and battery consumption of traditional cleaning devices. Its light weight and small size allow you to carry it with you at any time, whether it is at home, in the office or on the road, so that you can enjoy the comfort of the whole body. 

Detachable bidets not only provides simple body cleaning functions, it pays more attention to your physical and mental health. The unique design is combined with high-quality materials, so that you can feel the ultimate comfort when using. Whether it's soothing tired shoulders, relaxing stiff cervical vertebrae, or relieving back pain, detachable bidets give you a great massage experience.

Forget the tiredness, the moment to fly worries is coming! Let the detachable cleanser become the nanny of your life, accompanying you every day of the good times. Whether it is in a busy work, or in a comfortable home environment, you can enjoy the extreme relaxation and ease of mind and body. Enjoy life, from this moment on - detachable bidets helps you easily purify your mind, relax your body and mind, and welcome a better tomorrow!