Dual Nozzle Manual Bidet Toilet Seat

Dual Nozzle Manual Bidet Toilet Seat

Model No.F001-B2

Key Specifications / Features:

Dual nozzle manual bidet toilet seat, Electric bidet toilet seat, Bidet toilet seat attachment with dual nozzles, Bidet toilet seat benefits, Bidet toilet seat u shape

Detail Information

Discreet & Rigid

Very Discreet ... you can barely detect it's a bidet! Solid/Rigid seat lid.


Installs Just Like a New Toilet Seat!
No adapter plate needed and very simple to install. installs just like a new seat and lid would with the addition of the included water supply line and high quality T connector.


Slow Close Lid and Seat 
Both the seat and lid have the slow close feature!


Easy to control Konb
Very easy to control. Dual self cleaning nozzles for Front & Rear cleansing!


A Clean Finish Starts Here:

Personalize your total bathroom experience with this electronic toilet seat filled with various control options. Luxury preferences include rear wash, front wash, water temperature adjustment, heated seat and night light. Upgrade your bathroom without replacing your toilet by adding this innovative bidet. Enhance your hygiene and cut costs by minimizing the need for toilet paper.