Heated bidet toilet seat with LED nightlight

Heated bidet toilet seat with LED nightlight

Model No.F001

Key Specifications / Features:

Heated bidet toilet seat, Elongated toilet seat, Toilet seat with LED nightlight, Self cleaning dual nozzles, Adjustable heated seat and fresh water, Easy to install

Detail Information

Tired of getting blinded OR having your sleep interrupted by the bright light in your toilet at late night?
Are you frustrated by stumbling in the dark in your toilet, leaving a mess behind you?

Toilet Light will light up your toilet seat, turning it into a gentle night light:

Improve your sleep & make your toilet fun and exciting for everyone in the family.

The glowing light activates when you approach the toilet bowl, illuminating it in a pleasant way.

It emits just the right amount of light, so you can find your way around and leave the toilet tidy and clean.

A Clean Finish Starts Here:

Personalize your total bathroom experience with this electronic toilet seat filled with various control options. Luxury preferences include rear wash, front wash, water temperature adjustment, heated seat and night light. Upgrade your bathroom without replacing your toilet by adding this innovative bidet. Enhance your hygiene and cut costs by minimizing the need for toilet paper.

Company profile

Xiamen Nete Sanitary Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, covering an area of 6,000 square meters, located in Xiamen, China. The location is excellent and the transportation is convenient. We focus on the research, development, production and sales of bidet, toilet seat, Sprayers, Travel bidets, and related bathroom sanitary products.


The company has been adhering to the production philosophy of "environmental protection, energy saving, technology and innovation" and is committed to solving public health problems. With strong technology and R&D strength, Xiamen Nete has obtained more than 40 patents and has been recognized as "High-Technology Enterprise" by the government. We knowing that the development of the company depends on the innovation and quality of the products. So since its establishment, Xiamen Nete has been absorbing and learning advanced methods of business and management, From raw materials to product shipment have strict quality control, to ensure that customers receive satisfactory product and has successfully passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification in 2021. The product yield rate is 99.8%, which gives guarantee for the company's continuous and stable supply ability.

We are market-oriented, innovation as the core and quality-based to provide our customers with honest, high-quality and efficient services, and we are willing to be your reliable long-term partner. Warmly welcome to visit Nete!