Can I use warm water in bidets?

Dec 03, 2021

With the global epidemic since 2019, people are more concerned about personal hygiene protection, and with it, bathroom cleaning and sanitation products are gaining popularity. Traditional toilet seat lid cannot meet the daily personal hygiene, but the cost of smart toilet seat is too expensive, and this is when a bidet attachment with cleaning function becomes a good choice for people because of its economic cost.
You can use warm water to clean with smart toilet cover, but that needs power. Do the bidets use warm water which needn’t to plug the power? The answer is yes. The bidets do not use power nor batteries, it can have two ways to achieve warm water cleaning.
One way is to directly connect the cold water and hot water supply with the hot-water hose and cold-water hose to the inlets of bidet attachment, manually adjusting the temperature knob on the bidet to get warm water. There is another way to achieve automatic constant warm water without manual adjustment, which requires to install our thermostatic t adaptor. You just need to connect the hot and cold water supply directly to the hot and cold water connectors of the thermostatic t adaptor, and the water flowing out of the tee will be the thermostatic hot water.
Our bidets are designed to provide you warm water with two different choices, so as long as there is a hot water source in your bathroom, you can get a comfortable warm bath without a big cost.


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