Saving toilet paper with a bidet products

Aug 17, 2022

Germany could face shortages of commodities such as toilet paper and cardboard if Russian natural gas supplies decrease in the coming months, the "Russia Today" television station (RT) said on July 27 local time, citing German media. Jürgen Schaller, chairman of the German Bavarian Paper Association, reportedly warned that operating paper mills could become unprofitable if forced to reduce production capacity due to gas shortages. "If we can only produce 50 or 60 percent, then it is not cost effective for us to run the business in question. To be honest, I am also worried."
Russia's Gazprom announced on July 25 that for technical reasons, gas supply from the Nord Stream-1 pipeline will be reduced to half of its current capacity, or 20 percent of its maximum supply, starting July 27. As the largest economy in the EU and the most dependent on Russian gas, Germany is in a particularly difficult position.
This winter, Germany must save more gas than other countries to avoid huge problems for the German economy caused by the cessation of gas supply from Russia, said DPA. Miller, head of Germany's Federal Network Agency, and others have called for savings of around 20 percent. Only then is it possible to avoid the worst-case scenario.
In fact, people have been seeking an alternative to toilet paper, and in recent years, a product called bidet has entered people's lives, and it has made a huge contribution to saving toilet paper. Nowadays, there are simple bidet attachment products and toilet seat covers built the cleansing function, called bidet toilet seat and today we will talk about this economic model of bidet toilet seat. The new eco-friendly smart bidet toilet seat Nete developed, which is different from other bidet seat in the market now. At first sight, you will think it is just a classic regular toilet seat, however, not so, it covers and upgrades all useful functions on wash and spray. Increase adjustable water pressure range to achieve customer satisfaction. Turn the knob to adjust water flow from soft t0 strong and press the button to switch WASH, BIDET and STOP, so easy operation even for kids and elder. Besides, it fits all elongated toilet and installation is the same as regular toilet seat.
Since the epidemic, everyone is concerned about hygiene in all places, especially in the bathroom where germs are very common. Nete's new bidet not only meets the basic cleaning needs of family members, such as hip washing and feminine washing, but also has a self-cleaning nozzle function. The hot and cold models and single cool models are designed to allow free choice of comfortable cleaning temperatures. So, if you do business with Bidet or Toilet seat lid now, it is absolutely a competitive product in the industry.

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