Portable Bidet for Travel

Portable Bidet for Travel

Model No.P013

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

Through the brilliant sunshine, feel the body and mind completely restored and refreshed! Let me bring you a passionate portable bidet. This handy gadget, with its portable and lightweight features, will bring you a clean journey.

We pay attention to hygiene, so we bring you a thoughtful portable bidet with a bottle capacity of 350ml. Whether you are on the road or in the office, whether you are participating in outdoor activities or daily use, it can meet your needs anytime, anywhere. 

Easy to carry convenience, so that you get rid of the embarrassing limitations of traditional body cleaning products. No more searching for a dedicated bathroom or packing heavy bottles into a suitcase. Now you can simply slip your portable bidet into your handbag or pocket and enjoy a fresh, clean experience, anytime, anywhere, with one simple action. 

The unique design makes it easy for you to show a confident smile on any occasion. Our carefully crafted exterior design is simple and stylish, and integrates with the aesthetic needs of modern urbanites. Whether it's in a business meeting or a moment with friends and family, wherever you are, you can experience confidence and grace like no other. 

Unique spray ability, so that you can enjoy a fresh and natural clean feeling. Thanks to high-quality sprayers, a subtle and even spray of water is felt with every use. This allows you to gently wash your hands, but also leaves you with a slight fragrance, so that you present a lovely charm all day long. 

Whether you are on vacation, traveling or working, the portable body cleaner will become a beautiful assistant around you. Without relying on the external environment, you can easily enjoy physical and mental pleasure anytime, anywhere. From now on, let clean body become your life creed, enjoy every moment of a new look!