Toilet Stool Thick Reinforcement Anti-skid Design

Toilet Stool Thick Reinforcement Anti-skid Design

Model No.S007

Key Specifications / Features:

High quality reinforced toilet stools, toilet stool that easy to clean, Scientific labor-saving help defecation toilet stool, toilet stool removable legs

Detail Information

This is a new design of the toilet stool, good-looking appearance, scientific labor-saving help defecation, improve the sense of well-being of a home goods.

Design concept:
When the rectum muscle and rectum form the greater the anorectal angle, rectum more straight, the more smooth defecation. When sitting, the anorectal angle is about 80 ~ 90 degrees, when squatting, the anal angle can reach 100 ~ 110 degrees. In addition, when squatting abdominal pressure, can promote defecation. Especially people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, squatting defecation can reduce the probability of accidents.

The toilet stool legs with adjustable height is suitable for different people, has simple and novel structuren, convenient use and good effect, and can adjust different height for people with different height.

The use of high-quality PP material, thick reinforcement, quality assurance, strong bearing capacity, easy to clean, convenient to carry, Antiskid design, no longer have to worry about whether there is a safety hazard.

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