2-in-1 bidet attachment for toilet with handheld bidet sprayer

2-in-1 bidet attachment for toilet with handheld bidet sprayer

Model No.H006

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Infomation

Did you get your hands dirty because bidet sprayer for toilet wand wasn't long enough?
The spray wand is long enough for you to use in front or behind easily. Pushing switch on control knob to choose a suitable water pressure for yourself: jet or soft spray. No more need to play with the t-valve at the base of the toilet to get your optimal pressure. No more messy cleanups! the handheld bidet for toilet gets the job done and cleans poopy diapers in a flash!

Ergonomically shaped and very comfortable to hold. This in toilet handheld bidets spray serves not only as toilet sprayer accessories, but also as a bum diaper sprayer nozzle, bidet attachment for women or men ,bidet sprayer, or pet shower sprayer. Cloth diapers also help hemorrhoid or constipation patients for recovery, assistance, and special care.

Both the bathroom bidet hand sprayer wand and T-valve are made of heavy-duty solid brass. The sealed ceramic disc valve has passed 500,000 times` life cycle test and is resistant to high water pressure. The adjustable T-valve controls both the water flow and pressure so the cloth diaper sprayer for toilet can be used with toilet tank.

Perfect Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer. Strong Pressure and Nozzle Gets Job Done! -Easy Installation, No Plumbers Required. Takes less than 5 minutes! Simply follow the step by step instructions and you’ll feel fresher and cleaner in no time.