Handheld Bidet For Use With Bidet Attachment

Handheld Bidet For Use With Bidet Attachment

Model No.H006

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

A precision sprayer designed for personal comfort

Unlike traditional bidet sprayers that can be awkward to operate, this ergonomic sprayer’s unique curved design forms an ideal angle for targeted cleaning.

Anti-burst Hose

The bidet sprayer is made of quality 304 stainless steel for enhanced durability, oxidation and corrosion resistance. The bidet hose high-density braided reinforcement to enhance the leak-proof and filtration effect.

Hygienic and Ecofriendly

According to research, the use of bidet spray can greatly reduce paper use for hygienic and ecofriendly. As it is very convenient for variety of washing activities, you can reduce the use of toilet paper and save money if you use the hand held bidet set instead. Also, it’s particularly ideal for women during pregnancy and menstrual cycles.

Easy Installation

The handheld bidet sprayer for toilet comes with all necessary accessories for easier installation and you can finish the installation in a few minutes with tool-free. It will fit for most standard US toilet.