Best rated handheld bidet sprayer

Best rated handheld bidet sprayer

Model No.H006

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

More and more people pay attention to health, and everyone's personal hygiene starts with the bathroom. Start improving your healthy life with a small handheld bidet sprayer.

We have taken special care to find and select the best components for our sprayer set. Our goal is to provide a sprayer set that works great, looks great, and has excellent durability.

You can find similar sprayers on the market but the quality and the inner materials of those products will be different. We are confident about our products' quality and assure their durability.

Dual Modes Multi-Purpose: This handheld bidet sprayer for toilet had 2-function modes: Jet Spray and Soft Spray modes. These two modes can be switched by simply rotating the spout of the toilet sprayer. This toilet shower spray has a variety of uses, such as cleaning cloth diapers, toilets, showering pets, and even cleaning private parts of the body. (Especially for women during pregnancy and menstrual cycles.)

Slide Adjustment Switch: This handheld cloth diaper sprayer for toilet can slide up and down to adjust the water pressure that you need. The feature of the switch function of the cloth diaper toilet sprayer is that you don't need to press the lever all the time, just slide it to one position.

High Quality Explosion-Proof Design: The bidet sprayer head is made of high quality ABS material, and comes with stainless steel Explosion-proof hose. What’s more, it is equipped with a flexible anti-twist inner tube, which means this bidet toilet sprayer attachment is durable.