bidet attachment for toilet warm water

bidet attachment for toilet warm water

Model No.B014

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

  • Bottom Usage - Bidet is a hygienic toilet tool for bathroom accessories, which designs for a more hygienic way of washing private parts instead of wiping with toilet paper only. It aims to help people who are difficult to bend, turn and reach for cleaning. This bidet attachment for toilet allows all users to be more self-sufficient in and their families.
  • Hygienic Protection - Bidet retractable nozzles are safeguarded by the Protecting Wall and only retracts out when the bidet is activated or turned on. Self-cleaning feature keeps the toilet bidet nozzle hygienic for maximum protection.
  • Dual Nozzle 3 Cleaning Mode-Three toilet bidet sprayer modes, which can be used for private front cleaning for women (gentle and comfortable), and rear cleaning for men and women (cleaning thoroughly). The telescopic nozzle will automatically retract behind the movable protective door to protect personal hygiene and make you feel comfortable.Self-cleaning mode activates the nozzle self-cleaning to keep the bidet clean and hygienic at all times.
  • Easy And Fast Installation - No need for plumbers to come to install, easily connect two water pipes. Complete the installation according to our short operating video and step-by-step instructions. But you have to hook the tubing up to cold and hot water for it to properly work.
  • Durability & High Quality  Materials - Use durable and environmentally friendly ABS materials, metal copper T-shaped adapters, and stainless steel cold water braided hoses instead of traditional plastics, which are safer and hot water hoses. High-quality products and bidet sprayer for toilet set give you a better cleaning experience.

Installation Tips:

  • 1. Remove the toilet lid with a screwdriver
  • 2. Align the bidet with the hole on the toilet seat cover and tighten it with a screwdriver. Shut off the water valve of your toilet and flush the toilet to empty the water tank.
  • 3. Connect the T-Adapter to the toilet tank water inlet. Hand tighten. Make sure the black rubber washer is inside the T-Adapter and the narrow side is up. The Wrong direction or loose connection causes water to leak.
  • 4. Connect the one end of the metal braided metal hose to the T-Adapter. Hand tighten. The other end is connected to the bidet and tighten
  • 5. Connect the T-adapter to the hot water inlet, Connect one end of the white hose to the T-Adapter, the other end is connected to the hot water inlet of the bidet and tightened.
  • 6. Open the water supply valve. Check connections for water leaks. Tighten connections where there is a leak until the leak stops.