Dual Nozzle Manual Bidet Toilet Seat for Elongated Toilets

Dual Nozzle Manual Bidet Toilet Seat for Elongated Toilets

Key Specifications / Features:

Nozzle Manual Bidet Toilet Seat for Elongated Toilets with Soft Close, Bidet Seat for Rear & Feminine Cleaning, Easy to Install, Convenient, and Power and battery Free.

Detail Information

Bidet Seat Reviews
  • Modern appearance with slim design.
  • Traditional installation method, easy and better fitting for the most toilets.
  • Press-button control, convenience for kids & elders.
  • Adjustable water pressure from soft to strong just for comfortable wash.
  • Nozzle self-cleaning
  • Dual nozzle for rear & feminine
  • Specification for best value bidet seat.
  • Non-electric or battery required.

Product Specifications
Material Main-body connector Fixing parts Hose T-valve
PP 3/8” POM Plastic Stainless steel braided Brass
Specification Life span Water pressure Damper function Warranty
50,000 times 0.08-0.8Mpa Soft close 3F 12 months

Bidet Toilet Seat Installation
Installation for toilet seat cover

1) Insert the bolts with hinges into the toilet mounting holes.
2) Adjust the seat cover according to the position of the toilet bowl to correspond.
3) Screw the nut with a washer under the toilet bowl, then tighten.
4) Close the hinge covers.

Connecting water hose
1) Turn off the water valve and flush to empty the toilet tank, disconnect the water supply hose from the fill valve under the toilet tank.
2) Connect T-valve, one end to the water tank and the other end to the supply water hose.
3) Connect the water hose provided, one end to the bidet, and the other end to the T-connector.
4) Turn on the water valve and check for leaks.

Manual instructions for Luxe toilet seat bidet

  • Press the button to switch men wash and women wash and stop.
  • Turn the knob to adjust water pressure from soft to strong as required.
  • Retractable nozzle with the guard gate, provide more hygienic clean for rear wash and women spray.


Toilet Seat Parameter

Comparison with other bidet seats in the market
Appearance Classic and fashion
Installation Traditional way to install, as the same as the regular toilet seat, installation within 15 minutes
Compatibility One-piece, two-piece and curved toilet
Operation Press-button convenience for kids and elders.
Experience Ergonomic seat ring, length of the inner seat up to 11.34”

      Frequently Asked Questions From NETE

Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
NETE: NETE is a manufacturer based in Xiamen, specialized in Bidets & Bidet Toilet Seats & Portable Bidet & Sprayer & Bathroom Accessories.
How can I get to your factory?
NETE: Our factory is near Xiamen Airport; we are pleasure to pick you up in the airport.
What is your minimum order quantity?
NETE: MOQ is 200 pcs.
Which level of quality are your products?
NETE: Each product has been through 100% inspection before shipping, and we have passed ISO9001 certification by SGS.
What is the delivery time of your Bidets and Bidet toilet seat?
NETE: The delivery time is 3~5 days for samples, 30~45 days for the first order, 25~30 days for repeat order.
Can the bidets be customized as our need, such as put on our logo?
A: Sure, customizing logo and packaging are both available.
As the shipping period will take long time, how can you make sure the bidets won’t be broken?
NETE: Each bidet is packed with bag and inner box, then to master carton. The carton is standard export box, that is solid.
May I know which payment will be accepted by your company?
NETE: 30% T/T as deposit before production, and 70% balance before shipping.
About the after-sale service, how can you solve the problems occurred of your overseas customer in time?
NETE: The warranty is normally 12 months. For defective bidets, we will return them to your next order charge of free.