Fordable Toilet Handrail Non-Slip Armrest

Fordable Toilet Handrail Non-Slip Armrest

Model No.F005

Key Specifications / Features:

Fordable Toilet Handrail Non-Slip Armrest,Foldable toilet seat, Foldable toilet stool, Foldable toilet safety rail, Foldable toilet grab bar, Foldable toilet aid

Detail Information

Updated Design
Say goodbye to caged and occupied toilet safety frames, this compact toilet safety rails saves space in the bathroom while providing essential stability and support for the elderly, arthritis sufferers, the disabled, pregnant women, and post-surgical individuals.

Fordable Safe Handrails
The toilet armrest can be easily adjusted to 60° when not in use, and it also support the hands, great for tight bathrooms.

Strong Stability
This toilet safety rails can hold up to  400 Lbs ,  200 Lbs  per armrest, and won't tip over with one-handed assistance.

More comfortable leaning
No arm dangling when sitting on the toilet, no need to bend over when getting up. It allows the toilet to sit as comfortably as a chair, keeping a relaxed and comfortable sitting position to prevent falls.The lightweight and durable aluminium frame is corrosion resistant and ideal for long-term use.