Two in one handheld bidet

Two in one handheld bidet

Model No.H006

Key Specifications / Features:

Multifunctional body cleaner spray gun, Adjustable water pressure handheld bidet, Customizable color handheld bidet, Handheld bidet with filter element detachable cleaning

Detail Information

Two in one handheld bidet

Body with bidet and sprayer switching function.
-When the function acts on the bidet,  it can simultaneously have the functions of hip washing and women washing. More and more people pay attenton health, helps woman stay clean during menstruation,pregnancy and postpartum.
-When the function acts on the sprayer, it has multiple purposes. For example: Cleaning toliet, Pet bath, Wash floor, Swash water sink, Baby diaper cleaning etc.

Products features: 
-The new design, to meet the functional and take into account the appearance value, integrated bidet and the traditional fixed faucet water way, to create a two-in-one handheld bidet, which can clean the body and clean the environment.
-Adjustable water pressure, considering the different water pressure in each country, can adjust the water flow by lowering the water pressure. Small and light to water capacity is not small, clean effect is outstanding, zero dead corner.
-Built-in filter, detachable cleaning,  can filter out the tiny dirt in the water, ensure the water is more safe, not easy to cause inflammation and infection, and the filter can be removed to clean, to ensure safety and health, but also to solve health problems.

About Us
NETE is a manufacture factory integrating research & development, production and sales, focusing on bidet attachment, bidet seat and sprayer. We are a professional OEM & ODM factory that located in Xiamen, China, and was established in March 2015, covering an area of 2 700 square meters.
With the business philosophy of innovative, professional and honest, we have independently developed and designed 7 series of nearly 100 types of bidet attachment, 2 series bidet seat (Elongated and Round bidet seat) and Heated & bidet seat. While, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers for bidet products, we will also develop sprayer. Among them, our ultra-thin design leads the trend of bidet manufacture industry, also we solved the disadvantages of
bidet seat in the current market through our innovative internal structure design, making the product easier to install, more comfortable to use and more fashionable and classic in appearance.
We take the market as the guidance, the innovation as the core, the quality as the dependence, with innovative products and professional and honest services NETE has became a pioneer in the industry, and our products are well received in foreign markets. We believe that with your support, more wonderful in the future!