Handheld bidet with filter element

Handheld bidet  with filter element

Key Specifications / Features:

ABS material handheld bidet, 2 in1 Handheld bidet,Bidet and sparyer functions handheld bidet, Adjustable water pressure handheld bidet, Handheld bidet with filter element,

Detail Information

The main purpose of the handheld bidet is to turn water into a high-pressure water gun.  Purpose is to:   Buttocks can be washed directly after going to the toilet, and women can wash directly during menstruation or postpartum, which is more indirect and convenient; After the convenience, the toilet is very dirty, this time you can use a handheld bidet to wash;  Just come back from outside, wearing slippers, a lot of mud, can also go to the toilet to wash;  For example, the mop above a lot of dirty things, can also be used to handheld bidet;

If you have a pet in your home, you can use an airbrush.  Or after the men and women go to the toilet, there is no installation of intelligent toilet lid, can also be used to handheld bidet.

If pregnant women and women after birth, pregnant women in pregnancy resistance is relatively weak, easy to have urinary tract infection, and to the late pregnancy, pregnant women are not convenient to squat down to wash the following, with the women's washing machine handheld bidet do not have to worry about these problems.  There are many women who have some damage below postpartum, and they can not squat down when washing below. Using the spray gun of women's washing machine can better solve this problem. It can not only wash very clean, but also be convenient to use, and can also prevent postpartum infection.