Handheld bidet sprayer for toilet installation

Handheld bidet sprayer for toilet installation

Model No.H006

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

  • Bidet sprayer head is very flexible made of premium quality ABS, rust resistant, durable for many years use. Resists scratch, corrosion, leaking and assuring long time performance.
  • Perfect for baths, spa or shower spray, pregnancy and postpartum cleaning use. Ideal for cleaning your personal body area, floor, pets,bathtub, water your plants ,baby cloth diaper sprayer, dog shower ,cleaning, rinsing, etc. The perfect solution for everyday personal hygiene contributes to a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • Hand held bidet sprayer provides great water pressure control, getting clean is convenient and frustration free without sprayer problems,a gentle bidet spray for use as a portable, hand-held bidet and a jet spray for cleaning tasks .Easily wash with only one hand, save you time and trouble, more hygeian, no need to turn off the water, it's self-closing, super convenient.
  • Easy Installation: You will spend about 10 minutes to install this toilet handheld bidet shower kit without plumber help. Easy to use and clean, this modern douche shower spray is always conveniently ready for you, whenever you need to cleanse.
  • Package includes: High quality hand held bidet sprayer, stainless steel bidet hose, wall mounted sprayer holder(Wall-mounted , hook up to toilet tank ). 

Installation Steps:

1.Turn off water, flush toilet to drain tank completely.

2. Put the rubber gasket into the T-valve.

3. Connect T-valve to toilet tank.

4. Connect water line and spray hose to T-valve.

5. Connect the other end of hose to sprayer.

6. Mount the holder: toilet tank hanging or wall-mounted.

7. Turn on the water supply again and check for leaks.