A new hemorrhoid-prevention product that you deserve

Jul 02, 2022

Still bothered by the pain of hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids, a common perianal disease, are caused by varicose veins in the mucous membrane around the lower rectum or anal canal. Generally speaking, early hemorrhoids only appear blood in the poop, and small hemorrhoids prolapse, through diet control, keep poop smooth, and the appropriate application of relevant drugs, most of the related symptoms of hemorrhoids can be controlled. Of course, in the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is not enough to only rely on diet control and drugs. The bidet and releated products developed by our company can prevent hemorrhoids in advance and keep you away from the troubles caused by hemorrhoids. The bidet clean your butt after you poop and removes disease-causing bacteria so hemorrhoids don't have a place to grow.

What is a bidet attachdment? Bidet is a clean device which is installed in the toilet seat below, with the toilet seat lid to use and has the function of cleaning people’s butt and vagina after every poop or pee, it is a relatively popular bathroom products in recent years. There are separate bidet attachment, toilet seat cover built bidet called bidet seat and our newly developed handheld bidet sprayer with friendly price. One of the most remarkable features of the bidet attachment is that it requires much less toilet paper when you are going to the toilet, because it automatically cleans the defecation area and can be cleaned at any time after urinating. The bidet attachment with two spray nozzles is also equipped with a clean nozzle for feminine, and the water splash is softer. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, the use of a bidet is more hygienic and comfortable, and beneficial to health. For some elderly or disabled people who have difficulty moving, it is also beneficial, no longer need help to take care of.

How do I use the bidet attachment? When using the toilet, you can use the knob or button on the control panel of the bidet body to turn on the bidet and switch between the women's wash or hip wash function according to your needs, and the strength of the water flow can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

Nowadays, the bidet attachment is not only diverse in appearance, but also compact in size, easy to install and operate, and can be adapted to most of the toilets on the market. Especially it does not use electricity and its friendly cost is incomparable to the smart toilet seat cover. We have developed a series of push button bidet series which are in the leading position in the industry. It looks more high-end and easier to operate than the traditional knob control, and you can choose your favorite cleaning mode with a simple push, so you don't have to re-adjust the water pressure before each use.


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