New handheld bidet creates a comfortable wash experience

Jul 15, 2022

The new series of handheld bidet spryer from Xiamen Nete are unveiled to create a comfortable wash experience

Recently, the industry leader Xiamen NeTe Sanitary Co.,Ltd continues to expand the lineup of sanitary ware products, with the new launch of the three-in-one handheld bidet sprayer. As a new masterpiece of Nete's sanitary ware products in 2022, this bidet spray bids farewell to the simple function of traditional spray guns and bidet sprayer, and its professional and humanized design integrates the advantages of the two traditional spray guns with beautiful and fashionable appearance, creating more humanized and comfortable enjoyment on the basis of solving the pain points of consumers' use. All along, Nete always adhere to the people-oriented, committed to research and development and carefully polished, to provide consumers with "pleasing, warm, safe" integrated bathroom solutions. Precise grasp of consumer demands - a product with multiple functions, scrubbing the toilet, cleaning the floor, cleaning the body, a product to deal with.
As consumers continue to pursue and improve the quality of life, as one of the important scenes in the home environment of the bathroom toilet and spray gun has an indispensable role. Although the traditional spray gun can complete the task of cleaning the floor and toilet, but the cleaning of the body, because the water pressure is too large, it is difficult to achieve the ideal state in the use of comfort. In this context, set functional, personalized, aesthetic sense of Nete independent research and development design of the bidet products came into being.
Xiamen Nete launched this new product in the continuation of the traditional gun features, while further insight into the daily use of consumer scenarios and demands, in the splash, water pressure adjustment, water filtration, installation and cleaning, disassembly and storage can meet people's daily cleaning needs, and the integration of ergonomic design to optimize the use of experience, highlighting the "comfort, cleaning, fashion "three highlights, for the bathroom space" bright joy, accommodate the love of ".
Uphold the concept of "smart" technology, and continue to develop innovation
As a leading enterprise in the industry, Xiamen Nete has always been driven by technological innovation, and firmly believes that "good quality is designed", based on deep insight into the needs of different types of consumers, blending modern design aesthetics, and constantly launch superior sanitary products that hit consumers' pain points, leading the new trend of sanitary ware.


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