How to Choose A Good Ceramic Toilet Bidet

Jun 30, 2019

As a necessity in daily life, a comfortable, beautiful and quality bidet can beautify the bathroom space and save people a lot of unnecessary troubles.
First, look: look at the match of toilet bidet color and bathroom space. The colors of the face washer, toilet bidet, bathtub and bidet are best coordinated. The general sanitary wares should be similar to or slightly lighter than the floor tiles.
Second, check: check water-saving performance. Many products on the market claim to adopt a 6-liter water-saving design, but it is difficult for ordinary consumers who are recommended to buy well-known brand products to distinguish the actual effect. Toilet water is affected by two aspects that are the water tank and the bucket. Hence, we must pay special attention to the cooperation between them.
Third, touch: touch to check whether the inner wall of the drainage pipe is 100% glazed by hand. The glaze can make the inner wall smooth and prevent clogging so that the pipe has a long service life, a small water absorption rate, and a leakproof and anti-staining property.
Fourth, listen: listen to the volume of pumping. The toilet bidet's sound of pumping water into the living room is awkward, so muting is also important. For example, if the toilet bidet uses a quiet swirling water system, its unique injection hole can form a water flow, fully reducing noise without splashing, and creating a quiet, clean flushing environment.
Fifth, test: after the installation of the toilet bidet is completed, you should test the flushing effect first. The best way is to find a cigarette butt and throw it in. If the butt can rush down with a small sound, it indicates that the installation processes have no problem.


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