What Kind of Toilet Bidet Is Good?

Jun 29, 2019

1. Observe the glossiness of the toilet bowl and other products with a higher gloss. The more compact they are, the easier they are cleaned and sanitized. This is because the quality of porcelain is directly related to the life of the toilet bidet. The higher the firing temperature is, the more uniform the porcelain becomes.
2. Check whether the glaze is even. Consumers can ask the stores about this question, or even reach the sewage outlet and touch the back of the toilet trap to check whether it is glazed. The main cause of the pollution is glaze. Customers can touch it by hand, and the qualified glaze must be delicate. Consumers can also try to touch the corner of the glazed corner (negative and positive angles). If the glaze is used very thinly, it will be uneven at the corner, becoming exposed and rough gradually.
3. The method of flushing the toilet. The cleanness of the toilet is directly related to its flushing method. At present, domestic toilets mainly have two types of flushing: direct flushing and siphoning. The direct method uses the self-gravity of flushing water, then the dirt is pushed out from the toilet trap to achieve sewage discharge. And the advantage is that the sewage discharge capacity is strong. While the way of siphoning uses the sewage bidet when flushing. The force of siphoning is generated in the pipeline, sucking the dirt out of the toilet trap to achieve the purpose of sewage discharge. The advantage is that it avoids splashing water when flushing, and the effect of cylinder flushing is cleaner.
4. The amount of water in the toilet. There are two ways to save water, that are using water-saving products and reusing wastewater. The water-saving toilet bidet has the same function as the ordinary one. It must have the functions of water-saving, washing maintenance and excrement transporting. At present, there are not many products with water-saving slogans on the market, while their product technology and actual results are not satisfactory. Pay special attention when purchasing.


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