What Is the Price of Toilet Bidet?

Jun 28, 2019

Toilet bidet, a must-have ware in the bathroom, provides great convenience for people's lives. There are many brands of toilet bidet in shopping malls everywhere, and the disparity of prices among different brands is also very large. So what is the price of the toilet bidet?

When going shopping in the market, you will find that there are many toilet brands and many different models in each brand. As for the prices of the wholesale bidet, it is difficult to answer because there are many factors affecting the prices of the toilet bidet, such as brand, material, craft and so on. Generally speaking, the price of ordinary, mid-range and smart toilet bidets are about five or six hundred yuan, 1,000 yuan and more than two thousand yuan respectively.

The purchase of a toilet bidet seems simple, but actually, it is not. The aspects that everyone needs to pay attention to are also comparative. When you choose a toilet, you should first take notice of its weight. The heavier the toilet is, the better it is. The average toilet bidet weighs about 50 pounds, while the premium one weighs about 100 pounds. Tips: pick up the water tank cover with both hands and feel how heavy it is. If it is heavy, it has an excellent texture in your hands; on the contrary, if it is light, there is no feeling of that, which is not good enough.


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