How to Choose Toilet Bidet in the Bathroom?

Jun 25, 2019

The bathroom is the highlight of the renovation, and the toilet bidet is the key product of the bathroom, so its purchase is particularly important. The amount of toilet bidet produced and used in China is basically around 12 liters. The pollution and waste of water sources are extremely serious. The toilet bidet should be water-saving with a flushing capacity of 6 liters. Although the water-saving toilet bidet has a small displacement, the siphon type can be completely washed.

Before purchasing the toilet bidet, you must first measure the distance from the center of the drain to the blank wall. This distance is also known as the pit distance. The current building is mainly composed of pit sizes of 305mm and 400mm. Once the pit distance has been determined, it is necessary to choose the flushing method. The choice of flushing method is very important as it may have a significant impact on the flushing effect of the toilet bidet.

One-sided toilet bidet: There is no connection part on the outside, so it is easy to clean and easy to install, but it is more expensive.

Split bidet: It consists of two parts that are the water tank and the base. It may cause dirt at the joint and would not be cleaned, but the price is cheaper.

There is more than one ceramic product in the bathroom, such as toilet bidet, face cleaner, soapbox, hand carton, mop pool, and so on, which are harmonious or beautiful.


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