Water Quality of Branded Bidet and Ordinary Toilet Bidet

Jun 24, 2019

Large-diameter sewage pipes with glazing on the inner surface are not easy to hang dirty, and the sewage is quickly and powerfully effective in avoiding blockage. The test method is to put the whole hand into the toilet bidet mouth, and it is generally best to have a palm capacity. Many people will worry that there will be a difference between the engineering toilet bidet and the household toilet bidet. In fact, both are products, which are different from bulk purchase and retail.

In addition to the obvious dripping sound, pumped toilet bidet water tank leakage can not be detected easily. The simple check method is to drop blue ink into the toilet bidet water tank and stir well to see if there is blue water outflow at the water point of the toilet bidet. If any, then there is a leak in the toilet bidet. But be warned, the water tank is chosen to have a high height which has good momentum. (Note: The flushing volume below 6 liters can be listed as a water-saving toilet bidet.)

The water piece directly determines the service life of the toilet bidet. The quality of the branded bidet and the ordinary toilet bidet is very different because almost every family has experienced the water tank's problem. Therefore, when selecting the toilet bidet, don't ignore the water part. The identification method is to listen to the crisp sound of the button.

From a practical point of view, the purchase bidet should first have the basic function of flushing thoroughly. Therefore, the flushing method is very important. And the toilet bidet has a flush type, rotary siphon, whirlpool siphon, and jet siphon. Pay attention to the choice of different drainage methods: toilet bidet can be divided into "rushing down", "siphon flushing" and "siphon swirl". The flushing type and the siphon flushing type have a water injection capacity of about 6 liters, and the sewage discharge capacity is strong, but the sound is loud when flushing. And the vortex type has a large amount of water at a time and a good mute effect. Consumers may hope to try the siphon-style toilet bidet, which has both straight-through and siphon advantages that can quickly flush dirt and save water.


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