Something about the Toilet Bidet

Jun 13, 2019

Toilet bidet is called a great invention, which solves some problems of people. Later, it gradually evolved into the types of siphon, spiral siphon, and now the new jet siphon and super-spin siphon and so on. Others believe that pumping bidet is the root of all evil because it consumes a lot of domestic water. Toilet Bidet has many classifications, which are separate and conjoined. With the development of technology, it owns many novel varieties.

According to the matching method of the toilet bidet cover, it can be divided into the ordinary toilet bidet and the intelligent toilet bidet. The intelligent toilet bidet can be further separated into the automatic toilet bidet and the automatic bidet seat. The former includes different types of automatic changeover flushing and drying.

The history of toilet bidet can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. At that time, the toilet bidet was called the Tiger, which was dedicated to the emperor. Made of jade, it is held by the eunuch who specializes in serving the emperor, so that the emperor can use it at any time. Later, in the Tang Dynasty, there was a person in the emperor's family called Li Hu. In order to avoid the irreverence of name, the tiger was renamed the beast or the horse. Later, it evolved into the name of Toilet Bidet in circulation.


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