The Flushing Principle of the Toilet Bidet

Jun 14, 2019

The flushing principle of the toilet bidet in the market is basically two types: direct flushing and siphoning. And the siphon type can be divided into vortex siphon and jet siphon.
Direct type: The straight-through toilet bidet uses the impulse of the water flow to discharge the stool. Generally, the pool wall is steep and the water storage area is small. Thus, the hydraulic force is concentrated so that it enhances the hydraulic power falling down around the circle and increases the sewage efficiency.
Advantages: The flushing pipeline of the direct-type toilet bidet is simple with a short path and thick pipe (generally 9 to 10 cm in diameter). The gravity acceleration of water can be used to flush the toilet, the process of which is short. Compared to the flushing ability with a siphon-type one, the straight-flush toilet is easy to flush down the large dirt in the water return bend instead of causing blockage during the flushing process. And there is no need to prepare a paper basket in the bathroom. From the perspective of water-saving, it is also better than the siphon-type toilet bidet.
Disadvantages: The shortcoming of the direct bidet is that the sound of flushing is loud. And the water storage surface is small so that the scaling phenomenon is easy to occur. The deodorizing function is also not as good as the siphon toilet. In addition, there are fewer choices of the direct-drawing toilet bidet on the market than the siphon one.
Siphon type: The siphonic toilet bidet has an s-type drainage pipe. When the drainage pipe is filled with water, a certain water level difference will be generated. The suction generated by the flushing water in the sewage pipe of the toilet will be drained away. The flushing force is not caused by the water flow, so the pool has a large water surface and a small flushing noise. The siphon-type toilet bidet can be divided into two types: vortex siphon and jet siphon.


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