The simplest bidets are bidet attachments

Oct 20, 2022

The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 jumpstarted interest in bidets, and many American households have since made up lost ground in toilet technology. Now that we’ve come to our senses and started to actually washing our butts, we’ve realized that the benefits of bidets go beyond feeling cleaner and fresher — switching to a bidet (and using toilet paper made from recycled fibers) can help you live more sustainably, helping to combat deforestation and offsetting the vast amounts of water that go into paper production. If you’re looking for a low-cost bidet that’s simple to set up, effective and not overly complicated, the Nete bidet B0014 is definitely the bidet for you.
The bidet attachment has a comfortable stream, its valve is specially developed by nete for precise water flow adjustment. This valve has been patented, and it is more stable and precise than the current ceramic valve. Its adjustable water pressure made it much easier than others to get a thorough clean. While it’s a bare-bones bidet, you still get a solid range of pressure so you can find what feels right for you. With attachments in general, using low pressures, as their streams felt more aggressive than their electric counterparts.
The bidet attachment B007 is also relatively easy to install, even if you’re not particularly handy. However, when installing any bidet, the most important aspect is making sure it’s compatible with your toilet. You should also find the water connections and try taking off your toilet seat beforehand so you know how everything works. Nete considers the compatibility since the bidet design, it fits all two-piece toilets and most one-piece toilets.

Since a toilet only has a cold water supply, the bidet is no internal heater, to get warm water with a simple attachment like the bidet B007, you have to hook it up to your hot water supply, here you need a T valve to divert the hot water for bidet, and connect cold water to bidet, so you can adjust bidet to get warm water. If you would like auto thermostatic water, Nete’s thermostatic valve can help you.
The simplest bidets are bidet attachments, which install underneath your existing toilet seat. Think of bidet attachment you’re not replacing your seat, just putting a thin attachment underneath it. These attachments are by far the cheapest option.


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