Unique Push-button Controlled Bidet Attachment from NETE

Nov 16, 2021

Since the epidemic, everyone is concerned about hygiene in all places, especially in the bathroom where germs are very common. NETE's new bidet not only meets the basic cleaning needs of family members, such as hip washing and feminine washing, but also has a self-cleaning nozzle function. The hot and cold bidet models and single cool models are designed to allow free choice of comfortable cleaning temperatures.
Compared to traditional toilet bidet products, NETE's bidets have an ultra-thin body, which allows your toilet bowl cover to be installed without shims and without buckling up. The patented design of the nozzle sinking forward avoids the risk of nozzle breakage due to pressure from the toilet seat.
In addition, as a button-operated toilet bidet, NETE's bidet cleaner brings a more user-friendly operation mode, especially for children and the elderly, who no longer need to worry about the flow adjustment and can turn on the cleaning mode with one button.
The arrival of the toilet seat bidet sprayer solves the problem of hemorrhoids that plague the people and also reduces the use of toilet paper, which is well worth getting.

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