Why Is the Smart Toilet Seat Popular?

Oct 30, 2021

Since Chinese tourists went back shopping in Japan last year, smart toilets have become a hit. It is said that the market cultivation time of domestic smart toilets has been shortened by at least 5 years, and the sales volume has soared. Why is Japan's smart toilet seat suddenly so hot? However, do people really know about smart toilets and their intelligence?
What is a smart toilet?

The intelligent toilet is the product of upgrading the common toilet, which is combined with intelligent technology and controlled by microcomputers. Intelligent toilet seats originated in the United States are used for medical treatment and elderly care, and then developed in Korea and Japan. Originally introduced and improved in Japan, a brand-new product was born in the 1980s, which added many functions such as toilet cover heating, washing with warm water, drying with warm air, sterilization. The innovation of various technologies also makes the washing toilet no longer an ordinary toilet. The technologies developed by Japanese manufacturers, such as automatic sensing, photocatalyst glaze, warm water washing and water-saving flushing, not only make the smart toilet cleaner and more comfortable but also improve people's health.

Up to now, there are two main structures of the intelligent toilet, one is the intelligent toilet cover plus a ceramic base of the common toilet. The advantage of this structure is that the price is low, and the function of the intelligent toilet can be realized only by replacing the original toilet in the home with an intelligent toilet cover. As a result, many Chinese tourists went to Japan to snap up toilet seats. Another structure is an all-in-one intelligent toilet, which adopts a special ceramic base for the intelligent toilet and a corresponding intelligent toilet cover design. Besides being able to operate through the button panel, special remote control devices can also be used to realize the functions of the intelligent toilet.

Wu Xiaobo, a financial columnist, once wrote that the Japanese toilet cover is not cheap at all, and the price is about 2,000 RMB. It has antibacterial, washable and instant seat heating functions. The biggest "pain point" is that it is suitable for all types of toilets. The Japanese salesperson of the duty-free shop said with a look of joy in dysfluent Chinese, "As long as there are Chinese tourists coming, they will buy out of stock every day."

Integrated intelligent toilet VS split intelligent toilet

Intelligent toilets are mainly divided into two types: integrated toilets and split toilets. Which one is better?

The integrated intelligent toilet water tank is integrated with the toilet, which is fashionable in appearance, easy to install and clean, and relatively low in noise. However, the impact is small, and it costs water. Once it is broken, it is troublesome to repair. It is suggested that people who have high water pressure at home, high requirements for appearance and silent mode, and a relatively large budget should choose this product.

Split intelligent toilet has great impulse. It is not easy to block, but easy to maintain at a lower price. While it is noisy and troublesome to install. It is suggested that people who want to renovate the original toilet in their home should choose it.
What is the difference between domestic and Japanese smart toilet seats?

1. Product applicability
In China, the standard voltage is 220V, while in Japan that is 110V, which means that one more transformer needs to be purchased after the Japanese smart toilet seat is purchased.

As far as water quality is concerned, China's water quality is obviously not as good as Japan's, and it is hard and prone to scale. Japanese products may not be adjusted and designed for this point.

In terms of materials, they used in smart toilets at home and abroad are different. The materials used abroad tend to be acrylic. The urea-formaldehyde covers plates with good texture and hardness, so the average price will be higher. The materials made in China are PVC board (i.e. PP board) and ABS resin and PC, which are more common in the domestic market.
2. Product cleanliness
Some experts specially tested 11 split smart toilets and 9 integrated smart toilets, and the products basically covered the mainstream brands in Japan, the United States, South Korea and China. The price range basically meets the choice range of most consumers. Tests are conducted according to standards of cleaning effect, water temperature control and other issues that consumers care about.

Test method: The tester took a small cup, put some soybean sauce in it, weighed it, and then evenly spread it on a strip of fine sandpaper. Soybean sauce simulates human excrement with reference to relevant national standards, and the role of fine sandpaper is to increase the fit of soybean sauce. Testers stick fine sandpaper on the test fixture and then place it upside down. Testers use the maximum cleaning gear, make the toilet nozzle aim at the center of sandpaper for cleaning for 1 minute, and then turn it over to check the cleaning effect.
11 split-type intelligent toilets are tested. The results showed that the five cleanest samples were all domestic products. There is basically no residue of soybean sauce on the paper, and the prices of these five samples are all lower. The other six samples all have soybean sauce residues in varying degrees. Only one of these six samples is made in China, and the rest are made in the United States, Japan and South Korea, and the prices are higher. In addition, aiming at the control of water temperature, the instant heating products and heat storage products were tested. The results show that the fluctuation of water temperature in 7 instant smart toilets is not higher than 1 degree Celsius, whether it is American products with a price as high as 25,000 yuan or Chinese products with a price less than 2,000 yuan. In the test of the other seven heat storage products, the temperature of outlet water is quite different, among which, the Japanese product with the price of 18,000 yuan is 9 degrees Celsius, the American product with the price of 2,299 yuan 11 degrees Celsius. The biggest difference in temperature is a Japanese product with a price of 3,180 yuan, which reaches 11.5 degrees Celsius. These products are still hot water at the beginning, but they basically become cold water in about 40 seconds.
Chinese sanitary ware enterprises speak for "China's intellectual creation".

Objectively speaking, due to factors such as low penetration rate and poor level of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, there may still be a certain gap between domestic smart bathroom products and Japan, South Korea and other countries as a whole. But there is no shortage of excellent intelligent sanitary ware enterprises in China.

At the same time, the domestic representative sanitary ware enterprises are also making a voice for the Chinese smart sanitary ware industry through their own efforts. For example, in 2016, in the "Demonstration Project of Same Line, Same Standard, Homogeneity and Quality Improvement" implemented by smart bathroom manufacturers of AQSIQ, representatives of 30 smart bathroom enterprises signed to make quality commitments to the society and consumers, and through improving the supply quality of smart bathroom products, the breakthrough led to the overall improvement of the quality level of the smart bathroom.

How to choose a smart toilet seat?

1. Flushing methods selection
It is also very important for the water outlet temperature and water outlet mode of the intelligent cover plate and whether the flushing position can be adjusted. Everyone has different feelings about the water temperature, so it is necessary to choose an intelligent cover plate that can adjust the water temperature. At present, most smart covers have a variety of flushing methods, such as those specially designed for women. However, many people still have the misconception that "the greater the water output, the cleaner the washing". Whether the washing is clean or not depends on the washing method rather than the water consumption.

2. Hygienic problems of seat rings and nozzles
The smart cover seat ring and nozzle are in direct contact with the human body, so many people are worried about their hygiene. At present, many brands of seat rings and outlet nozzles are made of antibacterial ingredients, so consumers should know more about the outlet design of nozzles when purchasing, and whether there are functions such as automatic cleaning and sterilization ensure safe use.

3. Function selection
After going to the building materials market, it was discovered that many brands of smart covers have many functions, such as warm air drying, intelligent deodorization, night lighting, etc., but it does not mean that the more functions, the better. Consumers can choose the most suitable smart cover according to their actual needs, so as to enhance the convenience and comfort when using it.

4. Security issues
Some smart covers have spontaneous combustion, so owners should be more careful when purchasing. There are many reasons for the spontaneous combustion of the cover plate, such as short circuits, electric leakage, etc., which may cause spontaneous combustion. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to ask whether the cover plate has the function of automatic power-off due to excessive temperature and whether the socket is waterproof, etc.

5. After-sales service
There are many kinds of smart toilets in the market, and the competition is fierce. Many brands cut prices sharply for promotion, but the owners must not be fooled by the low prices. When purchasing, ask how long the shelf life of the products is. Only when the products are of excellent quality, the merchants will dare to promise a longer shelf life. So don't blindly covet the price advantage. After-sales service is equally important.
Benefits of Smart Toilet Covers
Clean life
Wash the anus with warm water more than three times a day. The external sphincter of the anus is massaged by the water column and moistened with warm water, so improving venous blood circulation is beneficial to health. And can clean dirt between folds that toilet paper can't wipe.
Prevent bacterial infection.
More than 1,000 folds around the anus are full of bacteria causing various anal diseases. Rinsing with warm water not only has the function of cleaning anus but also can effectively prevent various bacterial infections. Moreover, the refreshing feeling after rinsing with warm water is beneficial to relieve the troubles caused by diseases.
Prevent hemorrhoids and constipation.
Using toilet paper can't clean the dirt in the folds around the anus. Washing with warm water and drying with warm air every day not only stimulates the surrounding capillaries to promote muscle relaxation and blood circulation but also prevents hemorrhoids and constipation.
Helps women clean.
Women need to maintain a clean body, especially before and after the physiological period.
Protect the obese and the elderly.
The body resistance of the elderly is weak, while the intelligent toilet has a one-button automatic operation function. Clean with warm water and dry with warm air, flush automatically and run automatically. Powerful functions make people who are physically inconvenient no longer worry about going to the toilet, and keeping a good and clean body is beneficial to their health. Especially patients with stroke, hypertension and obesity can solve various problems without other help.
Recommendation of several smart toilets

Choosing sanitary bathroom intelligent toilets with those advantages:

1) The principle of ergonomic design conforms to the oriental human body shape and sitting posture. the height of the water tank and the height of the toilet are l-shaped and fit the spine of the human body. it can be comfortable even after sitting for a long time.

2) The ceramic body is integrally molded by gravity die casting so that the load-bearing capacity of the toilet is strong without cracking, and the microcrystals boost the glaze. After continuous firing at a high temperature of 1260 degrees, the water absorption rate of the ceramic body is lower than the national standard, and the delicate and smooth glaze is easy to clean without contamination, and bacteria are difficult to breed.

3) PP plastic cover plate, which can be slowly lifted and closed to avoid bumping and pinching, and can be used by the elderly and children with confidence; The opening and closing of the cover is silent and noiseless, so you don't need to worry about affecting your family's rest at night, giving you and your family silent care. Toilet water parts are special water parts for permanent cleaning, which are made of ABS, with high hardness and long service life. The unique anti-reflux design prevents sewage from flowing back and avoids secondary pollution of water sources.

4) The toilet adopts spray siphon flushing mode, with evenly distributed water holes around, strong water output and wide water flow coverage. The sewage pipe is designed as an S-shaped elbow with a golden ratio, and the siphoning effect of the toilet is enhanced. The 60-degree slope sewage outlet is matched with microcrystalline glaze, which has an obvious pollution gathering effect, smoother flushing and faster and faster sewage discharge.

5) In addition, the design of widening the sewage pipe diameter makes the 360-degree whole pipeline glazed without dead angle, the wall thickness of the pipeline is uniform, the scouring resistance is reduced by half, and the water-saving and sewage discharge effects are better.

The barrel body adopts an integrated design, the simple arc outlines the stable temperament of the product, and the water tank adopts an embedded design, which makes the sense of modernity more prominent. It has many functions, such as seating detection, drying fan detection, nozzle self-cleaning, automatic deodorization, cryogenic burns prevention and energy-saving mode.
Choosing intelligent closestools with those features:

1) It has a self-cleaning function of the nozzle and is internally combined with nanotechnology with bactericidal power up to 99.8%. It is also equipped with a special cleaning nozzle for women, which makes it more sanitary to use.

2) The ceramic body is the main structure of the toilet, which determines the leak-proof, water absorption-proof, odor-proof and other properties of the toilet. Lusha Sanitary Bathroom is made of high-quality clay and natural mineral raw materials, which are finely ground and molded by the international leading high-pressure molding process. The green body is compact and has high strength. Its firing process is the leading standard in the industry, which is fired at 1280℃ and has a high degree of vitrification. Every electrical component and every circuit has undergone repeated performance tests, and the normal operation of each function is detected by professional technicians.

3) The main board of the movement is coated with waterproof glue, and the water tank and electronic devices are blocked by water, which has good moisture resistance and is more suitable for the domestic toilet environment. Pursue quality and precision production, choose 300-400 pit distances, select high-quality ceramics as the main body, and adopt spray rainbow-absorbing flushing design. Pursuing excellence in detail and quality, 15 kinds of functional functions, and the nine-layer water filtration system is fully functional. It has the functions of hip cleaning, female cleaning, mobile cleaning and automatic cleaning to meet your multi-directional cleaning.
Other intelligent closestools with those characteristics:

1) No water tank design, soft lines, small and round shape. Strong sense of science and technology, no unnecessary complicated lines, saving space.

2) Adopt the design without a water tank to ensure the living water supply in the whole process. With functions of cleaning women and buttocks, the cleaning water temperature and seat ring temperature can be adjusted in five steps, and after cleaning, it has a warm air drying function, while the seat ring has a built-in electric heating film for instant heating.

3) Equipped with an automatic flushing function, automatic flushing can be realized after leaving the seat for 5 seconds. Adopt a slow-falling plate to ensure silence during use. Of course, it also has 24 core functions, such as automatic deodorization, anti-pollution, self-cleaning nozzle, etc., which is very practical.

4) The smart toilet FB16105-A is compact and simple in style and has a strong sense of science and technology. Ordinary toilets are always cold when sitting on them, especially in winter, and this intelligent toilet is designed by technology, and its seat can be warmed up so that people can go to the toilet in cold winter without being embarrassed to catch a cold.
How many tips can you get about choosing smart toilet seats?

In recent years, domestic smart products have made continuous progress in technology, and their design is more in line with the usage habits of various customers. How many skills can you get about selecting smart toilet seats?
Skill 1: Confirm whether the smart toilet cover can be installed in the bathroom at home.
Smart toilet cover is an electrical product, which requires a three-eye socket (voltage 220V). At the same time, we should also pay attention to the fact that when purchasing foreign products, the voltage may not meet the requirements, which requires a voltage converter to be used, and may also affect the life of the toilet lid due to voltage problems. In addition, before buying, confirm the size of the toilet in the home and other relevant details.

Skill 2: It is very important to choose a comfortable and intelligent toilet lid flushing method.
It is very important to adjust the flushing position of the water outlet temperature and the water outlet mode of the intelligent toilet lid. We must get out of the misunderstanding that "the greater the water output, the cleaner the washing", and pay attention to the comfort of the washing water. Some good smart toilet covers are specially designed for cleaning women's lower bodies, which can meet the special care for women during physiological periods and pregnancy. There are also soft water outlet modes suitable for hemorrhoid patients, and other water outlet modes with massage functions, which make washing more comfortable and enjoyable.

Skill 3: Pay attention to the hygiene of the smart toilet seat and nozzle.
Although spray cleaning is better than traditional toilet paper wiping, if the spray nozzle is unsanitary, it is easy to cause infection. At present, the water outlet nozzle and the toilet cover of high-quality intelligent toilet cover are made of antibacterial ingredients. When purchasing, consumers can learn more about the design of nozzle outlet angle, automatic cleaning, sterilization and other functions, so as to ensure safe use and avoid cross-infection.

Skill 4: Choose the most suitable function according to your actual needs.
In addition to the basic warm water flushing and warm toilet seat, the current intelligent toilet seat cover also has many extended functions, such as warm air drying and intelligent deodorization. When purchasing, we must pay attention to the fact that the more functions, the better. We can choose the most suitable smart toilet cover according to our actual needs, so as to enhance the convenience and comfort when using it.

Skill 5: Try to break through the traditional humanized design of intelligent toilet covers.
With the continuous development of science and technology and insight into users' habits, high-quality intelligent toilet seats have broken through the traditional functions, and many humanized designs have been added for different people and situations. To prevent noise, a slow-down function is set. In order to avoid the trouble caused by misoperation, the function of water can be produced by human body sensing; For the safety of night use, provide luminous lighting function; In order to make it more convenient for users to clean the toilet everyday, simple installation and disassembly functions are also very important. At present, the latest technology of intelligent toilet cover "electrolyzed water" is also to achieve better cleaning and sterilization effects.

Skill 6: Pay attention to the relevant guarantee of after-sales service of smart toilet cover.
There are many brands selling smart toilet covers in the market, and only some big brands can provide free installation service and a perfect after-sales guarantee. When you try to buy, ask how long the warranty period of the product is. Some brands with excellent quality will dare to promise a longer warranty period for the smart toilet cover.

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