What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Squatting Pan and the Toilet Bidet?

Jun 21, 2019

First, the advantages and disadvantages of the squatting pan.

It is a traditional bathroom appliance that is suitable for every occasion, family and public. It is cheap and easy to install, maintain, and operate. But the downside is that it does not save water and needs to be cleaned up often.

It is widely used in public places and most homes with excellent sanitary performance, and it is the most acceptable bathroom fixture in people's minds. However, it is not suitable for the elderly because of the old man's dizziness, tinnitus and short-term shock. Although it is satisfied with people, people will gradually replace it with new products for people's developing living habits and serious laziness.
Second, the advantages and disadvantages of the toilet bidet.

Toilet bidet is a product of modern technology. It is comfortable with good water-saving performance and strong washing ability, which is a good bathroom tool for modern families. However, because of its high price, many families would not choose it for the problem of installation and maintenance.

Toilet bidet is suitable for use in small families, such as a family with only 3 people. Of course, it is also useful for the secondary guard. If there is an elderly person in the family, try to provide the elderly bidet to him. Also, try to use it in places where there are a few people to ensure hygiene performance. If people are healthy, they will not be guaranteed. Therefore, the toilet bidet is not suitable in public places such as hospitals, hotels, offices, etc.


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