What Are the Common Causes of Toilet Bidet Blockage?

Jun 20, 2019

Toilet bidet generally does not block the sewage, because its sewage pipe is straight without a trap. There is an s-shaped pipe in the bidet using the principle of a siphon to discharge. While usually, it may cause blockage because of insufficient suction or excessive contamination in the s-shaped part. Generally, the toilet bidet is blocked because there is a foreign matter clogging up the flushing pipe. So, people need to check whether the water pipe is unobstructed often.

1. The wrong installation of the toilet bidet
In this part, there are many kinds of errors. First, the bottoms of the outlet and the drain are not aligned. Second, the screw hole at the bottom of the toilet bidet is completely sealed, which will affect the toilet bidet to be smooth. And third, the water level of the toilet bidet is not high enough to affect the flushing effect.

2. The slight blockage of the toilet bidet
It is usually blocked by toilet paper or sanitary napkins, towel rags, etc. This can be dredged directly by using a pipe dredging machine or a simple dredging tool.

3. The blockage of aging toilet bidet  
Toilet bidet has been used for a long time so that it will inevitably produce scale on the inner wall. In some severe cases, the toilet bidet's vent will be blocked and its flushing effect will be worse. So the solution is to find the vent hole to scrape the dirt to keep the toilet bidet unblocked.

4. The toilet bidet blockage caused by hard objects
Carelessly fall plastic brushes, caps, soap, combs and other hard objects into the toilet bidet when using. This kind of clogging can be directly dredged by using a pipe dredging machine or a simple dredger. In other severe cases, the toilet bidet must be dismantled. This situation can only be completely solved by getting things out.


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