Why Does the Water Pour from the Water Tank of the Toilet Bide?

Jun 19, 2019

First, pay attention to check whether the water in the water tank is damaged. Second, check whether the water control valve of the water is stuck and whether it will rise automatically after the water is full. Third, check whether the water hole prevention above the water control rod is higher than the toilet water tank and whether the water control valve is higher than the water discharge valve. Fourth, check whether the gasket of the water inlet under the water tank is damaged. 

1. Problem: No
Inspection section: Power socket, leakage protection plug, power button, mounting bar contact, transformer primary pole, panel, computer board
Remedy: Is there a power outlet? If yes, you can check whether the reset button is pressed or not? Is the power of the whole machine pressed? Is the top cover in good contact with the mounting strip? Does the transformer secondary have a 7V output? Is the panel short of water? If all of the above are normal, the computer board is broken.
2. Problem: Water is not hot (Others are normal.).
Inspection section: Remote control, water tank heating pipe, water temperature sensor, thermal fuse, computer board
Remedy: Does the remote control temperature set normally? And wait for 10 minutes. If there is no heat, please unplug the measuring tank. The resistance of the heating line is about 92 ohms. Then measure whether there are 92-ohm resistors at both ends of the heating tube. If not, the fuse is broken, and measure the temperature sensor. The resistance value of the terminal (25K~80K) is normal. If it is normal, the computer board is broken. For example, if the water tank is changed, the detection is normal after the replacement. If the water is always heated, the computer board will be replaced.


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