What Are the Problems of the Intelligent Toilet Bidet?

Jun 18, 2019

1. Problem: The air temperature is not hot (Others are normal.).
Inspection section: Drying device and computer board
Remedy: Measure whether there is 89±4 ohm resistance at both ends of the drying electric wireframe. If not, the drying device is broken. If yes, confirm the correct position and press the dry button to measure whether there is 220V voltage at both ends of the heating wireframe socket. If there is no voltage, the computer board is broken. If the drying device is changed, the computer board should be carefully checked. Remark: If the short circuit between the motor slots sometimes has short-circuited due to the increase of the load and the slowdown of the speed, the heating wireframe will open, which will cause the computer board D882 to burn out. At that time, please consider the computer board and the drying device at the same time.
2. Problem: No deodorization (Others are normal.)
Inspection section: Deodorizing fan and computer board
Remedy: Confirm the correct position, and use the multimeter DC 20V file to measure the deodorizing fan socket which should have 12V voltage if the fan is broken If no, the computer board is broken.
3. Problem: When no one is seated and presses the buttocks, only women use and drying can work, and spout cleaning and lighting do not work.
Inspection section: Seat and computer board
Remedy: Wipe the right side of the seat ring 20cm away from the front end with a soft rag that is not dry. If it is not normal, the seat seating sensor is always conducting. Change the seat ring. For example, type II should be checked whether the six-wire port is in good contact. 


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