Is Siphonic Toilet Bidet Ok?

Jun 17, 2019

1. The siphonic toilet bidet has a complete pipeline with an s-shape in the side view. The slope of the pool wall becomes slow and the noise problem is improved. With the characteristics of strong sewage discharge ability and large net surface, most toilet bidets are siphonic. The siphonic toilet bidet can be divided into the vortex siphon and the jet siphon. The vortex siphon acts on the bottom side of the toilet bidet. When the toilet is flushed, the water flow forms a vortex along the wall of the pool. This will increase the flushing force of the water flow on the pool wall and enhance the suction of the siphoning effect, which is more conducive to discharge the dirt in the toilet bidet.  

2. The jet siphon toilet bidet, further improved on the basis of the siphonic one, is added a jet sub-track at the bottom of the toilet bidet, aligning with the center of the drain outlet. When the toilet is flushed, part of the water around the toilet flows out and is ejected from the jet orifice. This toilet bidet is based on the siphoning force to quickly wash away the dirt by means of a large water flow force.
3. The advantages of the siphonic toilet bidet: The biggest advantage of the siphon-type toilet bidet is that its flushing noise is small, which is called mute. In terms of flushing ability, the siphonic one easily washes away the dirt adhering to the surface of the toilet bidet, because it has a higher water storage capacity and the deodorizing effect is superior to the straight-through type.
4. The shortcomings of the siphonic toilet bidet: Siphon-type toilet bidet water must first release water to a high surface, and then the dirt would be washed down, so it needs to have a certain amount of water to achieve the purpose of flushing. At least each time 8 to 9 liters of water is relatively expensive. And the siphonic drain pipe diameter is about 5 or 6 cm, which is easy to block when flushing.


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