What Are the Necessary Factors of Intelligent Toilet Bidet?

Jun 16, 2019

About the intelligent toilet bidet, it can be roughly divided into five demand points from the users' point of view:
1. Healthy and hygienic
2. Secure
3. Comfortable
4. Convenient
5. Fashion and beautiful

How to solve the five demand points of users is the target that all brands are pursuing. However, there are very few brands that can effectively solve the key problems. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the brand when selecting smart toilet bidet, and can not choose certain brands or even pirated brands.

Here is a genuine recommendation of JOMOO's intelligent toilet bidet. Let's explain some of its functions and advantages.

1. Healthy and hygienic
· Hip/woman wash
· Mobile/wide strong wash mode
· Antibacterial silver ion detachable nozzle
· Bipolar filter/electric release bacteria water
· UV sterilization

A variety of flush modes allow users to be more hygienic when they use smart toilet bidets. Antibacterial materials, ultraviolet disinfection, and filtered water are used to make nozzles and water quality cleaner and achieve health and hygiene.

2. Security
· Integrated seat: With advanced friction welding technology, the seat ring achieves a long-lasting seal without leakage and water seepage, which is safe and reliable.
· Five-fold safety protection: Use the automatic alarm to prevent dry burning; water temperature does not exceed 41 degrees; the sitting temperature does not exceed 41 degrees; if the leakage is more than 7.5 mA, automatic would power off; wind temperature does not exceed 55 ± 1 degree.

The bathroom is a complicated environment, and it is easy to cause appliance malfunction due to humidity, obvious temperature difference and so on. Therefore, JOMOO intelligent toilet bidet has managed to be secure at the beginning of the design. A variety of safety protections address the potential hazards of electrical faults.


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