self-cleaning bidet attachment

self-cleaning bidet attachment

Model No.B019

Key Specifications / Features:

double nozzle bidet attachment, three functional bidet attachment, stylish bidet attachment, new series of bidet attachment, bidet attachment with qualified test.

Detail Information

self-cleaning bidet attachment
  1. fresh:get a fresh toilet experience at a reasonable price. try washing the rear with fresh water, and you will immediately get clean and confident that you have never had before.
  2. work:the knob switch of the bidet is upgraded to a button design, which makes it easier to switch modes. each mode is separately distinguished, simple, and clear. the water pressure knob allows you to adjust the water pressure more smoothly, creating a comfortable and easy-to-use experience.
  3. diy:simple installation process, provides all the necessary parts that need to be used when installing the bidet. the bidet can be installed quickly, and it's not that difficult. it does not need electricity to start!
  4. frugal:really save paper towels, everyone thinks so. a bidet costs about the same as a box of 24 rolls of toilet paper and can last for years, which is sustainable.
  5. more: you can contact us for any problems you have with your bidet.