Thin Bidet Attachment

Thin Bidet Attachment

Model No.B024

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

【 Simple fashion 】

Pay attention to every detail of the design, the perfect combination of simplicity and fashion. The compact form factor allows you to easily install anywhere in the bathroom. The stylish button design makes the operation easy and pleasant. Whether it is a newly renovated bathroom or an old bathroom, it can bring you a new feeling.

【 Free adjustment 】

Different people have different needs for cleaning their bodies, which is a perfect solution to this problem. The unique adjustable water pressure technology allows you to adjust the most suitable cleaning flow strength according to your personal preferences and needs. Whether it is gentle and gentle or dripping, it can meet your expectations.

【 Exquisite technology 】

The use of the highest quality materials and exquisite workmanship to ensure long-term use without damage. Reliable waterproof design, effectively protect the internal structure, so that you can use at ease. Every component is carefully selected and rigorously tested to bring you exceptional quality and long-lasting durability.

【 Health Care 】

Not only a body cleaner, but also a thoughtful care for your health. High quality materials are used to ensure non-toxic and harmless. At the same time, the innovative design makes cleaning more thorough and residue free, keeping private parts dry and comfortable.