350ml EVA Oval Travel Bidet

350ml EVA Oval Travel Bidet

Key Specifications / Features:

350ml EVA Oval Travel Bidet Offer: EVA Oval Portable Bidet, 350ml, EVA Bottle, ABS and PP Cover, Oval Shape, Hygienic, Cleansing, Therapeutic, Blue.

Detail Information

Blue Bottle Travel Bidet for Oval Shape
Take away for traveling, and clean the anus area after toilet

Product Description:
Product Model: P002
Item Name: Portable bidet
Color: Blue (If you need to customize the bottle color, the order QTY must be 3000pcs.)
Material: EVA for the bottle, ABS and PP for the cover
Volume: 350ml
Shape: Oval
Package: White box or color for choose, Pe bag
Travel bag: Option, if yes, will add cost.
MOQ: 1000pcs

Advantages of This New Concept Product Comparing with Traditional Bidet, Clean Washing Without Paper
1. The Bidet is Environment friendly--Go Green!
The pulp from one Eucalyptus tree produces only as few as 1,000 rolls of toilet tissue. According to RISI, an independent market analysis firm in Bedford, Massachusetts, the average American individual uses 23.6 rolls of toilet paper per year. Many households have four or more residents, which adds up to a lot of toilet paper waste and a lot of trees.
With the Bidet, you can save trees by not contributing to paper waste. Plus you save money by not having to purchase toilet paper. Great for the environment and great for your wallet!

2. The Bidet is Hygienic, Cleansing, Therapeutic.
Our Bidets are the hygienic, and therapeutic way to cleanse. The soothing water sprays leave you feeling shower-fresh after every use. A bidet is doctor-recommended and a far more hygienic method of cleaning than toilet paper, which can cause or add to irritation in your most sensitive areas. The use of a Mechanical Bidet can ease the irritation of hemorrhoids and aid with constipation by stimulating bowel movements. To be clean is to be healthy.

3. The Bidet is Quality and at an affordable price.
Every Bidet is made with the highest quality materials and goes through rigorous testing to eliminate defects. Enjoy all the benefits of the more expensive bidets at a much more reasonable and affordable price. The Bidet is a simple, inexpensive alternative to complex and costly bidets. Our product is built to last and comes with a 12-month replacement warranty. There is no need to settle for a secondary product. The Bidet offers all the high quality and comfort of the expensive brands at a lower cost to you.

How to Use the Travel Bidet
① Fill the warm water or faucet water into the bottle and screw the bottle lid onto the bottle tightly.
② Pull the nozzle out with your fingernail carefully.
③ Squeeze the bottle body with your hand for spraying when the nozzle point in the correct direction.
④ Push the nozzle back into the bottle once the washing is done.
⑤ Take off the bottle lid and shake the surplus water out of the bottle to ensure the bottle is clean and dry.
1. Prohibit the blow head into your body.
2. More attention to hemorrhoids patients.
3. Clean and disinfect the blow head regularly.

Use the Travel Bidet

The Package:
● One PE bag to protect the portable bidet.
● One Manual 
● One Travel Bag (If you need)
● One White Box Or Color Box
● 100PCS in one carton. The size of the carton is 68.0*39.5*39.0 cm.

Portable Bidet Package

Our Certification & Patents:
We have passed all kinds of certifications and patents, like CE, ROHS, FCC and so on.

Certification and Patents

Our Exhibition and Cooperation Brand:
We have attended all kinds of exhibitions, like IBS, Fair carton and so on. We have cooperated with many companies in the world, like Brondell, Aim, Marnur and so on. 

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1. Can your factory print our brand on the product?
Our factory can laser print the customer's logos on the product with permission from customers. Customers need to provide us a logo usage authorization letter to allow us to print the customer's logos on the products.

2. What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ is 1000pcs.If your quantity is less than 1000pcs, we only can do it in EXW terms.

3. What are your payment terms?
We accept 30% in advance, the balance should be paid in the period of shipment stand.

4. What is your production time?
We have spare parts stocks for most items, 3-7days for sample or small orders, and 20-35days for a 20ft container.