Chromed Knob Bidet Attachment

Chromed Knob Bidet Attachment

Model No.B015

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

Non-electric toilet attachable bidet B015

Control panel function
- Rear Cleaning, adjustable water pressure
- Feminine Cleaning, adjustable water pressure

Dual Retractable nozzle
- nozzle:Dual nozzle, comfortable water spray

Adjustable Brackets

-Distance between Holes Axis:100-220mm
- Fit in most toilets 
- Easy installation design

Advantages of using our bidets:

- Cleaning your most sensitive and private place, keep it as clean and health like other positions on your body
- Easy to adjust water pressure by turn a knob on right hand side
- Ease hemorrhoid pain and the relieve constipation
- Convenient for people who with diarrhea, hypertension, obesity, restricted mobility and infirm with age
- Retractable nozzle, to prevent the pollution of when not in use
- Do not wet toilet floor because of internal water supply, prevent people from slip down

Environment-friendly save our forests, use less toilet paper Application range: suitable for all two-piece toilets and more than 95% one-piece toilet models