dual nozzle bidet attachment

dual nozzle bidet attachment

Model No.B017

Key Specifications / Features:

healthy and environmentally friendly bidet attachment, mouse style bidet attachment, multi-functional bidet attachment, strong cleaning function bidet attachment.

Detail Information

dual nozzle bidet attachment
  1. ultra thin dual nozzle bidet: our non-electric bidet features dual nozzles for thorough posterior and feminine wash. it's easy-to-use control knob lets you adjust the water pressure to get the ideal stream. the streamlined, sleek bidet is designed to fit your existing toilet seat.
  2. quick and easy installation: our easy-to-install advanced bidet readily fits most standard toilet seats. simply unscrew the toilet seat, fit your bidet attachment, place the seat back, and you are good to go.
  3. durable construction: the body of the bidet is made of an eco-friendly material, while the accessories include a stainless steel T-valve and a braided steel water hose. this bidet is constructed for durability and long-term use.
  4. make a planet friendly choice: installing a bidet is a more environmentally-friendly choice than running through endless rolls of toilet paper. using a bidet has also been proven to be more hygienic and less abrasive than wiping.