Handheld bidet attachment for shower

Handheld bidet attachment for shower

Model No.H006

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

More and more people pay attention to health, and everyone's personal hygiene starts with the bathroom. Start improving your healthy life with a small handheld bidet sprayer.

We have taken special care to find and select the best components for our sprayer set. Our goal is to provide a sprayer set that works great, looks great, and has excellent durability.


2 Water Pressure Modes

The handheld bidet sprayer has 2 water pressure modes, Jet spray and Soft spray modes. Control the water pressure through handle bidet sprayer buttons to achieve more thorough cleanliness and bring you a healthier personal life.

Water Pressure Adjustable

You can adjust the pressure of the water stream with the lever on the T-valve for various uses of the sprayer. I mean, you wouldn’t want to jump up in surprise when using it as a bidet sprayer right? You will just need to adjust the knob to the desired level of water pressure. Just be sure to turn it off again once you are done!