Handheld bidet toilet sprayer

Handheld bidet toilet sprayer

Model No.H006

Key Specifications / Features:

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Detail Information

Handheld bidet sprayer provides excellent water pressure control, no need to press by hand, getting clean is convenient and frustration free without sprayer problems.It is very convenient for all kinds of washing activities which includes bathing your pet, cleaning your personal body area, floor, bathtub, water your plants ,baby cloth diaper sprayer,cleaning, rinsing etc.

Two Spraying Modes and Multiple Uses This hand sprayer provides two spray modes : jet spray mode and soft bubble mode. It can not only be used to clean private parts of the body (it is especially suitable for pregnant women and women with menstrual cycles), but also can be used to clean toilets, wash diapers, bath pets and clean areas that are hard to reach. This will make the "dirty work" easier.

EASY INSTALLATION: 2 ways of installation, you can choose either to install it on the wall or hook it next to the toilet tank.


Installation Steps:

1.Turn off water, flush toilet to drain tank completely.
2. Put the rubber gasket into the T-valve.
3. Connect T-valve to toilet tank.
4. Connect water line and spray hose to T-valve.
5. Connect the other end of hose to sprayer.
6. Mount the holder: toilet tank hanging or wall-mounted.
7. Turn on the water supply again and check for leaks.