Quick disassembly quick connection bidet attachment

Quick disassembly quick connection bidet attachment

Model No.B012PW

Key Specifications / Features:

Non electric bidet, Double nozzle bidet, Quick installation and quick disassembly bidet, Slim bidet attachment, Two in one bidet with key knob

Detail Information

Luxury look at an affordable price - with its stylish design, high quality components, our Clean basin accessory will make your bathroom look new. High pressure faucet quality valves, metal/ceramic core and braided steel hose instead of traditional plastic.

Adjustable Water Spray -- The water pressure control knob allows you to adjust the water pressure, creating an experience that combines comfort and ease of use to enjoy the perfect life. The elderly and children can also easily use the bidet to achieve the desired strength.

No power supply - water flow is achieved by connecting the water pipe and turning the knob to create pressure.

Gentle, forward-facing twin nozzles, perfect for women - twin nozzles can be used for front and rear cleaning. Women's mouthpiece keeps you clean during your monthly cycle, perfect for beginners and expectant mothers.

Easy to install - including all the parts and tools to get your bidet up and running in minutes. Easily connect and remove any standard two-piece toilet.