High adaptability bidet with ultra-thin

High adaptability bidet with ultra-thin

Model No.B00714PW

Key Specifications / Features:

Novel bidet attachment, Uncharged bidet, Double nozzle bidet,Customizable color bidet,Easy to install bidet attachment

Detail Information

Diamond handle bidet attachment, fashionable design and no electricity, thin body structure is firm, bidet is with flushing defecation parts of the body function is the toilet supporting the use of device, it is easy to clean.

Clean - washed for the net, experience "wash the healthy enjoyment of";
Constipation - deep anorectal, Run will rinse, soften Su Bian, instant defecation detoxification;
Women - lower body cleaning, convenient and timely cleaning, to prevent gynecological diseases;
Hemorrhoids - carrion, residue, germs and other cleaning together to reduce the breeding of germs;
The elderly - care for the elderly, to solve the elderly embarrassing problems, set up the self-confidence of the elderly;
Body cleaner can enhance the quality of the toilet, the golden rule of high personal health science defecation consciousness, is the inevitable product of social progress and development.

Medical principles:
Washing with water can avoid direct contact with hands, avoid bacterial infection, while also massage and hydrotherapy, especially for hemorrhoids, constipation and female physiological more applicable.
Hygiene principle: paper itself lack of environmental protection, and can not be cleaned once, easy to generate bacteria, and warm water is more sanitary and environmentally friendly than paper cleaning. Basin washing is not convenient, easy to reciprocate infection but also use two pots of water, water and electricity also trouble.

Composition application:
The utility model is composed of body cleaner product body, water supply pipe, special tee, fixed skateboard, bolt instruction book, etc.
The hole distance adjustable design: the product and the domestic and foreign toilet adaptation rate of more than 90%.
For men and women, young and old, the warm water can be adjusted back and forth according to your needs, or swinging to flush the hips.