Heated seat toilet seat lid

Heated seat toilet seat lid

Model No.F001

Key Specifications / Features:

Heated bidet seat toilet, Bidet toilet seat with night light, A key quick release bidet toilet seat, Toilet seat with adjustable water pressure, Slow close the quiet toilet seat

Detail Information

-New multipurpose toilet seat on the market,The new design is convenient, practical, and healthy and safe,Smooth and clean glaze, not easy adhesion dirt easy decontamination.
-Copper inlet valve - better quality than plastic valves, less likely to leak, easier to install and less likely to slip.
Night light mode: you don't need to go to the bathroom in the dark any more, you don't freeze your hips, and you won't wake up instantly because of the dazzling light, or even wake up your family. 
-Heating mode - With heating pedestal and three modes to choose from, 36 ° C, 38 ° C and 40 ° C, constant temperature, energy-saving temperature control, ultra-low energy consumption.  
- Multi-function knob, can adjust the water pressure, can switch functions, has the function of self-cleaning, buttock cleaning
and vagina cleaning.
One-button quick disassembly, the toilet seat has one-button disassembly function, the toilet seat can be easily disassembled by gently pressing and lifting the toilet seat, which is very convenient for daily cleaning.  

-More sanitary washing, After each toilet use, the washing function of heated intelligent toilet seat can replace toilet paper for cleaning, and it is easier to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites that cause infectious diseases.  
-The seat cover with various flushing modes can not only effectively remove dirt, but also play a massage role.  It can meet the different needs of men and women. Stimulate capillaries to promote blood circulation, long-term use can also prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases  
-Warm seat not Cold, In cold weather, the cold touch of a toilet seat can make people shudder, while heated toilet seat seats can be heated to a human body temperature.

About Us
NETE is a manufacture factory integrating research & development, production and sales, focusing on bidet attachment, bidet seat and sprayer. We are a professional OEM & ODM factory that located in Xiamen, China, and was established in March 2015, covering an area of 2 700 square meters.
With the business philosophy of innovative, professional and honest, we have independently developed and designed 7 series of nearly 100 types of bidet attachment, 2 series bidet seat (Elongated and Round bidet seat) and Heated & bidet seat. While, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers for bidet products, we will also develop sprayer. Among them, our ultra-thin design leads the trend of bidet manufacture industry, also we solved the disadvantages of
bidet seat in the current market through our innovative internal structure design, making the product easier to install, more comfortable to use and more fashionable and classic in appearance.
We take the market as the guidance, the innovation as the core, the quality as the dependence, with innovative products and professional and honest services NETE has became a pioneer in the industry, and our products are well received in foreign markets. We believe that with your support, more wonderful in the future!