Slim mechanical bidet attachment

Slim mechanical bidet attachment

Model No.B012

Key Specifications / Features:

Slim mechanical bidet attachment, Dual nozzle bidet attachment, Bidet sprayer for toilet, Bidet with customizable logo, Customizable panels bidet

Detail Information

Products Description

-Button Spray Controller: Upgrades the knobs to button design for easier to switch.
-Water-pressure Knob: Easy to adjust the intensity of spray with water pressure control knobs.
-Ultra-thin Design: Only 0.19 inch ultra-thin design, say goodbye to toilet Bumpers.
-Nozzle Guard Gate: Hide nozzles to provide double protection and maximum cleanliness.
-There is no need to call the plumber. Easily to install in 10 minutes.

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Ultra Thin & Durable Design

The bidet attachment with only 0.19inch ultra-thin design,which is is slim enough to be stable and invisible installed on your toilet, while other thicker bidets on the market may make your toilet seat lift up.This non-electric bidet also has good load-bearing capacity, max load 500 lbs.

Adjustable Water-pressure Knob

The bidet features portable knobs on the classic black control panel that allow you easy to adjust the intensity of spray.Just turn the knob switch and customize your wash experience to suits your needs.After cleaning, turning off the water pressure knob can increase the service life of the bidet.

Why Choose the Bidet Attachment?

Easy to use
Adjustable water pressure
Save toilet paper
Non -electrical needed

The box contains:

1 * Bidet Attachment
1 * Braided Metal Hose
1 * Brass T-adapter
2 * Fixing Plates
1 * Rubber Washer
1 * Installation Instructions