New diamond handle color can be customzied bidet

New diamond handle color can be customzied bidet

Model No.B00714PW

Key Specifications / Features:

New design diamond handle color can be customzied water pressure adjustable size foolproof operation can be DIY simple installation of the body cleanser

Detail Information

-New diamond-shaped handle: beautiful, simple and generous, handle can be customized color
-Ultra-thin design: the use of ultra-thin body, functional
-Nozzle flow adjustable: angle and spray area by design, will not hurt the butt
-DIY installation, easy to operate

The heart of functional design
Simple operation, the elderly and children can be to used
Buttocks washing:
5 holes out of the water more concentrated, thoroughly remove residual spoils.
Female washing:
Specially designed for women, physiological period, pregnant women, maternity, compared to the hip wash splash more dispersed, comprehensive clean.
Self-cleaning function:
Can be regularly cleaned nozzle, keep clean and pollution-free.

Installation steps:
The first step, remove the toilet cover; the second part, unscrew the toilet cover screws. The third part, adjust the sanitary ware centered after installation, adjust the hole distance can be adjusted by fixing the turntable. The fourth part, fixed can be installed back to the toilet cover. Step 5, connect the small end of the metal pipe to the water inlet of the toilet bowl. Sixth step, turn off the angle valve, unscrew the angle valve, add the copper tee to the shunt, one end connects to the toilet inlet water end pipe, one end connects to the large end of the metal pipe of the body cleanser, installation is complete. Multi-function in one, easy to operate, clean and sanitary.

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